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Free Web Cron Application for Windows

January 12th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Code Samples, Software Development

To cut a long story short I’ve been getting really annoyed creating web crons to execute background jobs for an ever growing number of php sites. What makes it even worse on Windows is that scheduled tasks and batch files can get pretty messy real fast.

Being even more annoyed than usual today I figured I might as well write an app to do the job.

The objective of this app is to ping URL’s at various intervals to execute background jobs.

For example:

  • Web Cron for Sugar CRM task scheduler.
  • Web Cron for cms shopping card maintenance functions
  • Web Cron for various PHP mailing list managers.
  • etc…

Key Features:

Basic Scheduler: Day Of Week + Hour of Day + seconds between pings

Fully multi threaded and pings each web URL using a separate thread. Meaning it can simultaneously ping 1 to N URL’s

Asynchronous option for each URL: If enabled it will not wait for a URL ping to complete before pinging it again. If not enabled then if it is still waiting for a URL pinging to complete it will not ping the same URL until the pending ping completes.

HTTP authentication: Basic authentication option which is most common with Apache sites.

No Database required. Save and Load settings to and from a file

Status indicators for configured URL’s

Displays a realitme list of active pings and their status.


Dot Net 2.0

Executable Application: (download, unzip and run)

Download Link: free web cron application for windows zip file

Full Source Code: (if you want to modify it)

Download Source Code

License: Freeware.

Free Web Cron comes with absolutely no warranty whatsoever either express or implied.

Use at your own risk. No warranty of fitness for any purpose whatsoever either express or implied.

p.s. If you manage to set your tail on fire with it that would be your own fault 🙂

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