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Life – Oh island in the sun

September 1st, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in Life

As the sun rises in the distance, a warm morning breeze rustles leaves of a palm tree,
A sharp contrast to the fiery orange sky as it casts its reflection across the waves,
Footprints across the sand soon to be washed away by the rising tide,
A day has passed and a new one is born,
That which is old has retired and that which is new will soon take its place.

Soon the world will awaken and we will go about our daily routines,
But for now, for a brief moment it is as if time is frozen,
What should I do today, where should i go today, it matters not for an instant,
As the vast expanses of the ocean are limitless so is our life,
Endless, are the possibilities, and limitless could be their outcomes,
Each day is a new beginning,
Each day could be a new ending.


But alas our vision is limited,
When we look, we see not that which is to be seen, but that which we chose to see,
When we listen, we hear not that which is to be heard, but that which we chose to hear,
When we speak, we say not that which is to be said, but that which we chose to say,
We chose to regret,
We chose to speak “oh only if…”,

To open our eyes and see the world,
To open our ears and listen to the world,
To Speak our truth.

Many see life through the limits of their own vision,

A few do not. Join them and be free.

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