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A person might say we design our life with each choice we make

September 10th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Life

As we stand on the beach, gazing into the distance, the rays of sunlight glistening against the crests of the breaking waves. Swoosh as a wave breaks against the shore followed by another. What would it be like to let the issues of the day before melt away and fade into the distance, As we let the warmth of the ocean breeze breathe life into us. You might find your eyes begin to sparkle with as we realize everything that life has to offer to the point where perhaps tears of joy stream down your face. Perhaps I could invite you to realize that as we design our life with each choice we make, Could it be that it’s not our life that we should seek to control but rather our direction. And as we make those fine adjustments to our direction we gain control of our life. As we walk down the path of light, life shines its beauty all around us. As we connect with other beautiful people perhaps we could share a moment of sheer joy with them.

me … ¬†well I trust that as we change we shall find those who are like us.

A person might say that our precious thoughts are what governs the direction of our life. if I were to ask you a question would you give me permission to do so ?

If you were to take notice of those thoughts which run through your mind, as the waters of life flow through the river nile the thoughts flowing through the veins of our mind. Which direction are they leading you in. A wise one once said, as a person thinketh so are they.

Have you ever had a realization that perhaps you were driving in the wrong direction, and stopped to ask a for directions. And as they pointed out the map of life to you with a smile, you smiled back, and the world smiled with you. Each day is a new beginning, a new day for you to connect with someone. Me … ¬†well I seek during those few precious moments to share a thought. A thought which might someday blossom into a life of beauty. To the point where years from now, living the life you have designed for yourself and looking back at today see this day as having been the start of it. If I may invite you to realize that a simple thought can become the seed of a beatifull life. The energies of the beautiful people around us mingling with each other, fused into one spiritual essense of life, sharing a common goal that builds and intensifies into an expression of aliveness that words can intiate but never capture fully? it has instead to be indulged in your own imagination, dwelled on and toyed with, deep deep inside you.

With me…. It has taken a bit longer, yet speaking to you as a person who has now begun to experience that kind of beauty in life, just how much can you look forward to the process of designing your life with someone who shares the same thoughts. As you visualize what that would be like and find all the possibilities and doors of opportunity open before you in such a way that anything else blurs into insignificance, realizing that everything great begins with a small action how much would you feel the urge to connect with someone who has moved you so much, with just words on a page. As you find yourself wanting to design an amazing life for yourself you realize that it all begins with a simple connection.

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