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Software Architecture and Solution Design – Forward Engineering or Reverse Engineering

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!A person might say lets design an enterprise software solution. This person might then say what do we have to work with. OK lets start with the ERP software. SAP, brilliant choice, Industry standard best practice, SOX complaint and [...]

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A person might say we design our life with each choice we make

As we stand on the beach, gazing into the distance, the rays of sunlight glistening against the crests of the breaking waves. Swoosh as a wave breaks against the shore followed by another. What would it be like to let the issues of the day before melt away and fade into the distance, As we [...]

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Free Web Cron Application for Windows

To cut a long story short I’ve been getting really annoyed creating web crons to execute background jobs for an ever growing number of php sites. What makes it even worse on Windows is that scheduled tasks and batch files can get pretty messy real fast.
Being even more annoyed than usual today I figured I [...]

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Approximating Linear Cost Computation for Polynomial Cost Computation Problems

Polynomial cost computation is simply not scalable while linear cost computation is usually scalable depending on the angle of its growth slope. Fixed cost computation is almost always guaranteed to be scalable regardless of the data size. For this reason linear cost computation is always preferable to polynomial cost computation. The fact that fixed cost [...]

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Increase ASP Dot Net Website Loading Speed Using Web GZip Compression

Sadly a large number ASP.Net web applications on the internet often do not use HTTP GZIP compression.
Most modern browsers support GZIP compression. The benefits of compression are huge essentially significantly reducing the size of the HTML content that needs to be transfered. The end result is that the page loads in the browser in a [...]

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Offloading Heavy Processing In Dot Net Web Applications

Executing heavy long running processing jobs within the application page lifecycle hardly ever desirable from a user experience point of view.
After all no user likes to click a button and wait 5 minutes for a response.
So how can we handle this?
This is where IIS application pools comes in to save the day. Lets take a [...]

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High Performance Remoting for Network Computing

“remoting remoting everywhere not a drop to drink.” This is often the case when it comes to finding a remoting solution for network computing applications.
The primary remoting requirement for network computing applications is maximum throughput of transactions.
Just to make this clear consider the following two scenarios:
1) An EDI application that executes 10,000 transactions per hour [...]

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A social networking study – What went wrong

A recent study by Synovate states that “58% of people don’t know what social networking is” and goes further to show survey results that one third of people are losing interest in social networking. You can also find this study discussed discussed here.
It looks like this study while making an attempt to look at the [...]

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Increasing Performance in Dot Net Web Applications by Caching Relatively Static Data.

Increasing performance in dot net web applications by caching static data.
Least effort maximum return method for increasing the performance of dot net web applications. Benefits of data caching and how to best implement data caching. Read more
All but the most trivial of web applications store their data within database tables. This data can generally be [...]

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Life – Oh island in the sun

As the sun rises in the distance, a warm morning breeze rustles leaves of a palm tree,
A sharp contrast to the fiery orange sky as it casts its reflection across the waves,
Footprints across the sand soon to be washed away by the rising tide,
A day has passed and a new one is born,
That which is [...]

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